The War of Gabgee II was the second war to happen in the Gabrielliverse. This time, Gabgee was simply eating lunch when he got a phone call, the phone call was from Partygee inviting everyone in the Omniverse for his 4,812th birthday, Gabgee declined and made Partygee mad, after the Party and the one after that, and the one after that. Partygee said that Gabgee hated the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs. This of all things made the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs mad and made them attack the Gabrielliverse. A huge battle was fought as some Gabgee's turned into Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs. Gabgee then decided to bring out a Dinner Lazer which he bought from The King, he then shot out many Dinners and even did Zantetsuken on some of the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs. The Gabgee's won of course, but the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs survived. Mǝǝƃǝǝ then made a truce with Gabgee and they went away. Gabgee then crashed one of Partygee's parties and went and partied with him for an apology.

Gabgee Army: All of them

Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs: All of them