Yet another giygas by turbojuk-d3dikn8

Giygas's Normal Form

Giygas is an enemy of the Gabrielliverse, he was created when Gabgee used Veggnegoon on Terrafiregee during the Fourth War. He is Opigee's main enemy, yet Gabgee's friend. Giygas has two forms: Giygas and Galaxy Giygas. He is very strong and stronger than Hellminus Gabgee


Destruction: Can destroy anyone.

Universe Swallow: Can eat a whole universe

Death: Kills anyone

Invincibility Breaker: Can destroy Invincible people

Galaxy Giygas

Fatal Scream: makes you deaf

Power to destroy the Omniverse: Can destroy the Gabrielliverse or Trolliverse in seconds

End of all lives: Destroys the Nexusverse


Galaxy Giygas