Gabgee by Gabe


Gabgee 2.0 by Opigee


Gabgee v3 by Armageddon


Gabgee 4.0 (Epic Universe) by SwiftVisionX

Gabgee is the strongest Gabgee ever, He rules the Gabrielliverse and is rivals with Weegee. Him and Weegee got in a huge battle once but Weegee won. Gabgee's brother is Willeo. There was a rumor that said Gabgee died using Veggnegoon in the War of Gabgee IV, but he was save by Weegee. His father is Gabtran. He has a son named Kronogee. His arch-nemesis (other than Weegee) is Doofusgee. He also has 16 FORMS!!!! Which means this is his weakest form. He is friends with only one Fakegee, Opigee. He is now Frenemies with Weegee. He is also friends with Alphaweegee, Armageddongee, LriGee and Ulona. His full name is Gabgee Issac Frank Henry George Lucas Δthelstan Mecalleo


His creation was pretty weird. One day, Dr. Scientisteegee was making fakegees (as usual) on a Thursday, however a fakegee (at the time) Called Doofusgee accidently spilt happiness powder inside the machine, Gabgee, the "happy fakegee" was then created. He then took Doofusgee with him.

Life Afterwards

A couple of years after the creation, Gabgee felt lonely, so he created a brother, son, father, mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather in his image. He learned to become strong by a fakegee called Alphaweegee, then later on he became friends with another opposite fakegee Opigee. Gabgee then got involved with a couple of wars. And so on. Luckily he hasn't died yet.

Current Life

He currently lives in the Gabrielliverse, with his family and his Gabgee clones. He visits Opigee often, and has many media accounts (not as many as O.M.Gee though). He likes to help out even if it's with the same fakegee for the 9,872nd time. He is the 10th richest fakegee too. with ₩999,999,999. He has never killed a fakegee outside of war. He also has almost died in several occasions mostly at War of Gabgee IV. yet got revived by Weegee. And many times during random battles. Like with The Void and with Beegee.


  • Laser Eyes: Can shoot lasers at target
  • Sonic Boom: Creates a wind blast
  • Zanmato: Slices enemies in half
  • Zantetsu: Makes the enemy have Paralysis for two days
  • Zantetsuken: Slices enemy in six then explodes
  • Invisibility: You can't see him for a moment.
  • Slight Invincibilty: Stronger than an average Gabgee but still defeatable



Weak Gabgee

Fire Gabgee

Ice Gabgee

Nesus Gabgee


Bizzaro Gabgee

Superifos Gabgee

Omnifos Gabgee

Exodus Gabgee

Ultimate Gabgee

God Gabgee

Demon Gabgee

Thunder Gabgee

Destruction Gabgee

Hellminus Gabgee

Gabeharrison49 (Gabriel "Fourty-Nine" Harrison)